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Finally mid semester exams are over and my easter vaca begins in approximately less than 48 hours! Celebration time! In between dating my lecture notes, I have actually been working on a new project... my online boutique Style Societe! After months of yes no maybe, should i / not? i have decided F it, my last year as a student, pretty much the only time in my life i will get a four day weekend, Just Do It! 

Style Societe's First Collection:

For those in Australia, shipping will be 10AUD flat rate (yes i know how expensive the postage here compared to back home in singapore - $1.50?!!) For those from Singapore or elsewhere, unfortunately worldwide shipping cost is gonna be a pain.. 25AUD flat rate. But if you buy over $150, whether you're from down-under Aussie or anywhere in the world, shipping will be free ! (with code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout) So you can combine your purchases with your friends! Ugh I hate shipping costs and hopefully one day I will be able to offer free worldwide shipping everywhere... but till then :(

It is only a few days old, and there's still so much more to be done but I'm quite proud of the baby steps I've taken so far. In the meantime.. your love and support will be greatly uberly appreciated! any kind of support at all. from just clicking this link HERE or following Style Societe's Instagram page HERE or sharing it with your friends on Facebook, instagram, over brunch etc Watch this space for much much more to come!


Fratelli Fresh - Sydney

Crab linguine with garlic, chilli and zucchini 
Meatball pasta 
Proscuitto ham with rockets pizza

Fratelli Fresh
52 Mitchell Road, Alexandria, NSW

This space is really starting to become a food blog but I have been trying so many new places in Sydney recently I just had to share my nomz-worthy pics and reviews. All my friends have been raving about Fratelli Fresh for the longest time, claiming their pasta was freshest in Sydney. Also since I have been on a serious hunt for the best pasta in Sydney after the most orgasmic gastronomical experience (white truffle pasta) I had in Rome... I decided to make a trip down! 

We asked the waitress to recommend their best pasta and she suggested the crab and meatball pasta. We settled on the proscuitto pizza since that's usually a safe choice. The meatballs were huge and the tomato base was very tasty! Also, it wasn't spaghetti.. Forgot what it's called but it was some sort of pasta that looked and tasted like spaghetti except that it was hollow inside. Meaning less calories right? The crab linguine tasted pretty good but it wasn't as fantastic as the waitress claimed it to be because it honestly tasted like chow mien (fried asian noodles).. Very asian-tasting with the copious amounts of  garlic and chilli added. Pizza was good but not the best I've ever eaten. 

Yes! I think I will be back to try the other pasta dishes but maybe not the pizza.   


And If You Lose Yourself I Will Find You

Cut out tshirt - ASOS
Thigh slit skirt - ASOS
Metallic colored sandals - Giuseppe Zanotti
Crystal Cross Necklace - Luv AJ 

I've been wearing so much black and white I decided to invest in bright colored accessories and shoes. This pair of metallic sandals was from the On Pedder warehouse sale! It was the last one and it was on 50% discount! The crystal cross necklace is from my current favourite jewellery designer Luv AJ. I love everything about it except the blue coating is starting to come off already:( So I suggest getting the silver or gold instead of the colored ones from the rainbow collection even though I so want to buy everything.

Around Cardigan Street in Melbourne 

Corn fritters at Le Miel Et La Lune (located at 330 Cardigan Street)



My Everyday Uni Makeup Look

1. Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer
Magazines always mention how primers can conceal your large pores but to be honest, I don't find that my pores look any smaller or that my skin tone is more even? Maybe I have yet to find a better  primer but I like Smashbox's version because it does help to mattify my face. On days when I skip the CC Cream to let my skin breathe I still make it a point to apply the primer so that I have some sort of barrier between my skin and the dirty air (not sure if this is true but psychologically I feel like my skin is protected)   

2. Rachel K's Renew CC Cream  
Almost every foundation and pressed powder I use makes my acne-prone skin break out so imagine how happy I was when I finally found a suitable makeup base that didn't: Rachel K's CC Cream! I love how it isn't heavy like a foundation so I could use it everyday. It also has inbuilt sunscreen so I could skip that step in my skincare routine every morning... Good for me since I'm always running late!

3. Origins Age Defying Concealer in Light Medium
You will be surprised how brightening the under eye area can make such a big difference. This concealer glides on well under the eye area. Be sure to ask the counter for help to ensure you buy the right shade.

4. Heroine Made Eyelash Curler 
I didn't know the importance in finding an eyelash curler according to your eye shape until I found the Heroine Made one. The best way would be to try them at beauty counters. I think my eyes shape is round according to this page so if you have round shaped eyes, heroine made eyelash curlers will be perfect for you.

5. Benefit's Gimme Brow in Medium
I wrote about this being one of my beauty essentials here. If you think your eyebrows are just an extra accessory on your face you are wrong! Defined brows draw attention to your eyes and make them look brighter, meaning less eye makeup needed!

6. Diorshow Iconic Mascara
I don't apply eyeliner everyday because I'm scared the daily action of eyelid-pulling while applying eyeliner will make my eyelids sag lol. Mascara is an awesome and subtle way to "open up" your eyes and make you look less tired that you actually are during your 9am lecture.

7. Benefit Benetint
I don't like how sticky lipglosses feel and lipsticks are a bit much for Uni. So a lip tint is the best option! It makes you look like you have naturally pinkish red lips. You can also apply it on your cheeks for a natural flush. The only drawback is that you have to keep applying it throughout the day because the colour doesn't last.


Recipe: Homemade Beef Burger

Most of those who know me will know cooking is not one of my talents. But since it's my last year in Sydney, I decided to embrace my independent living here and try to cook something new every week. So here's the first.. beef burgers! The patty broke into two while I was trying to flip it on the pan probably because I added too much egg to the beef mince so remember to watch your proportions! My recipe was adapted from Jamie Oliver.

What You Need:
(makes 2-3 burgers)
250g minced beef
1/2 an egg
1 tablespoon of dijon mustard
chedder cheese slices
sesame seed bun
rocket leaves

Mix the salt, pepper, parsley and dijon mustard with the minced beef. 
Add the egg and scrunch / mix everything up with your clean hands. 
Divide into 2 or 3 pieces (depending how thick or big you want it) and mould it into a roundish shape. 
Add olive oil to the patties. 
Heat up your pan on high heat for about 3 minutes. 
Turn the heat down (to medium) and place burgers on the pan. 
Cook them for about 3 or 4 minutes on each side. 
Remove the beef patties from the pan and cook the mushrooms and onions. 
You don't have to add extra oil since the pan will be coated with oil and beef juices.  

Spread dijon mustard onto the sesame seed buns after toasting them. 
Place the cooked beef patties and slice cheese on one of the buns and put them in the microwave for about 1 minute to melt the cheese.
Add the mushrooms and onions on top of the beef. 
Place rocket leaves and finally the other half of the sesame seed bun.


White & Silver

Bruna Dress - Feist Heist
Silver Belt - Sass & Bide
Utterly Madcap Metal Clutch - Sass & Bide
Shark Tooth Cuff Handpiece - Luv AJ 
Sunglasses - Celine
Fuchsia Blazer - Sheike 

I love this Feist Heist dress except the plunging neckline is quite inconvenient.. I had to stick a whole stack of Fashion Tape so I wouldn't expose my whole bra. Anyway, few days ago I (finally) visited the DFO in Homebush (NSW) and went a bit crazy at Sass & Bide...Everything in store was on more than 50% discount! I managed to get a few dresses, this belt and metal clutch bag..score! 

Martin Place in Sydney

Meat supreme pizza and vongole pasta at Macchiato in the city 

Lavender candle, Bardot cape jacket, Origins Ginzing eye cream

Listening to: 


Frank Body Coffee Scrub Review

A month ago I chanced upon @frank_bod's instagram page - a gallery of hot babes covered in coffee scrub. Yes I bet you are already on your instagram searching for it. Anyway I was so drawn to their marketing gimmick I had to check out their site --> Frankbody.com

Frank Bod only has two products on their site: original and coconut & grapeseed. Basically, Frank Bod is a coffee scrub filled with vitamins and oils. Priced at only $14.95 with free shipping within Australia, I decided to get the original scrub! 


 Though I love the packaging...
 (exactly what you see on the site in a brown paper bag) it's quite impractical to use in the shower. The instructions say that you're supposed to rinse first and then apply the coffee scrub. Meaning your paper bag would get wet if you bring it into the shower cubicle. So you should apply the scrub outside the cubicle? Or jump back and forth into the cubicle? I ended up making a mess on my bathroom floor...Not very good for OCD people like me.
Smells like...
Coffee duh. You will be fighting the urge to eat or brew this.
After applying the scrub and rinsing it off...
your skin feels baby soft and well exfoliated. I like how my skin doesn't feel dry and tight like some other scrubs I've tried before so it's a mild enough scrub that you can use everyday. You will also smell very yummy. 
You can use it...
about 10-15 times? Each packet contains 200g of coffee scrub and seems like it can last for some time but there's quite a lot of wastage because the scrub doesn't exactly stick to your skin very well even upon application on damp skin.
Yes! It's only $14.95, it smells too delicious, and Frank claims to get rid of cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Get #thefrankeffect here