Fashion week trends (2)

Fashion week trends

If you’re looking for the hottest trends for the year then you’re definitely going to want to know what’s going on with fashion week. After all, fashion week is all about finding out the hottest things that are coming out from all the hottest designers.

So checking out the hottest Fashion Week trends is going to be important to filling out your wardrobe.

70’s Suede

Fashion week trends (3)The 70’s are coming back in a very big way but not entirely.

It’s not about the bright colors anymore.

Instead, it’s about suede and doing it in a really fun way.

There’s no such thing as a plain suede skirt or top because all the designers are making a name for suede with bold styles and patterns.

Victorian Everywhere

Who doesn’t love the Victorian era? Well this era is going to be coming back and fast because it has so much going on.

Between ruffles all over, flowers and high-collars it’s really providing a lot of options for designers to work with and mixing and matching is going to make for a very unique outfit.

Cross Straps

Everyone loves off the shoulder but the fit needs to be just right to make it work for most people so this style takes care of that.

With the off the shoulder straps it also features spaghetti straps that make it easier to wear and give you a much looser style at the same time.

White Shirts

Love white shirts? Well you’re definitely not alone because these shirts are coming in all styles and forms.

Whether it’s a short top, off the shoulder, a sweater or even a dress, there’s plenty of great ways to really dress it up and dress it down for any occasion.

Spanish Style

Who doesn’t love a little bit of Spanish accent, whether it uses fitted, layered skirts, brilliant red or even a cape? There’s plenty of options out there and definitely ways you can add your own Spanish look to anything you want.

Plenty of Pleats

Pleats used to be a little girl style, but there are plenty of ways to make them look better than ever.

You can use them all over your outfit. So combine a little or a lot.

You don’t even need close pleats because loose ones will do the trick just as well.

Fringed AccentsFashion week trends (1)

A little bit of fringe can definitely make a cute piece into something completely different and unique.

Maybe that’s why it’s hitting the runways.

Whether it’s a short accent fringe or a long fringe at the base of a dress you’re going to have no problem pushing it through.

There are a number of trends hitting the walkway, so make sure you’re really pushing yourself this year and getting the Fashion Week  trends in your closet for the year.