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Basic Tips On How To Apply Makeup

Every woman wants to look glam, chic and beautiful. One way of achieving this is by applying makeup. Makeup is used to enhance the features and appearance of a woman. How does one go about applying makeup on their own? ASAP Australia is one helpful place to get tips. Application of makeup is a skill that one learns gradually. With practice one progressively gets better at it. There are basic tips to applying makeup that one can follow as they learn.

Tips On Makeup Application

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• Wash The Face, exfoliate and moisturize – Wash your face to be able to start on a clean canvas. One can use a cleanser or wash with lukewarm water. Likewise, consider exfoliating this helps to remove any dry, dead skin, which others can cake up and be flaky once you apply makeup. Lastly, moisturize the face. This helps hydrate the skin and also for the makeup to settle well.

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• Concealer – Concealers help cover any eye circles and spots that one does not want to be seen. Ensure to get a concealer that is close to your skin tone. One can use a concealer brush or their finger to dab the concealer to the specific area.
• Foundation – This is the base that is used to even out the skin tone of the face. Pick a foundation that works with your skin type and matches your color tone. To apply foundation use a foundation brush and dab it on the skin. Foundation also comes in a variety of form from cream, liquid to powder form.

• Blush or Bronzer – Both enhance the look of the cheekbones.
Blushes enhance the natural color of the cheeks to give it a blushing, flushing effect while bronzers give the checks a sun tanned look. They can be used for various looks. Blush can be used for an indoor look while bronzer an outdoor look. A blush or bronzer brush is used to apply the makeup on the face. Check that you have put the same amount of color on each check to avoid exaggerated looks.


Defining the eyes enhances ones look. Ensure your eyebrows look neat. Begin with the eyeshadow; this is done on the lids of the eyes. Then apply the eyeliner to the bottom and top lash of the eyes. And lastly, apply mascara on the eyebrows. One can achieve many effects and moods just by changing the shades of the eyeshadow.


makeup artistThere are various lip products available in the market to enhance one’s lips. From lipstick to lip gloss, to lip liner, lip balm, and lip stain. The most used is the lipstick. Apply the lipstick on your lips and dab tissue on your lips to remove any excess lipstick.

With this guide, you are ready to begin your journey in the makeup world. Ensure to get products that blend with your skin color and tone. Lastly, remember when applying the makeup to blend well the different products.…